DIY Slurpees

Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  We are actually taking an extra, extra long weekend and enjoying some family time down in Disneyland.  I think it truly is one of the happiest places on earth and it has been so nice to have some quality family time together!

Make your own slurpees from home from any kind of pop.
Things might be a little slower around here while we are gone, but I did want to share this fun DIY Slurpee recipe with you.   My kiddos {and hubby!} are absolutely obsessed with slurpees, and when I came across this article and video on Facebook, I knew we had to give it a go at making our own.  For us, it definitely wasn’t as easy as it looked in the video, but it was lots of fun to experiment and it is SO cool when you get it right!

DIY Slurpees

  • Take a 500 mL bottle of pop and shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds to increase the pressure in the bottle.
  • Place the bottle in the freezer for approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours.  The goal is to get the soda as cold as possible without actually freezing it.  We started checking on our pop bottles every 15 minutes after the 3 hour mark to try and find that “perfect” time.  It actually took a couple of failed attempts {when the pop actually froze} before we settled on 3 hours, 50 minutes.  Just remember that this time will vary from freezer to freezer {and even with different locations within the same freezer} so be consistent with where you put the pop bottles.
  • Remove the bottle from the freezer.  In one continuous movement, unscrew the bottle cap just enough to release some of the pressure, quickly tighten it back up, and turn the bottle upside down. Return it to the upright position and you should magically see slushie ice crystals begin to form immediately.
  • Pour into a frosted glass.

DIY Slurpees - This is SO cool!And this is what you get.  A nice, cool DIY Slurpee!

How to make your own slurpees.  This is such a fun summer experiment for kids!The kids had a blast doing this experiment and even if it “fails” you still have a nice, cold soda left to drink.   This would be a great project to do with the kids during summer break and the whole science behind it would be a fun idea for older kids to research!

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DIY Slurpees - This is SO cool!
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  1. Kathy says

    I’m wondering if this would work with diet soda too. I’d love a good slushie every now and then but with 140 calories in 12oz. that’s too much to consume.

    • says

      No, it doesn’t really go flat – you actually need the carbonation to create the freezing effect. Of course, it is in a slushie form so it doesn’t have that same fizzy taste as if it is just cold.

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