Lego Manual Storage

Happy Friday! Any exciting plans for the weekend? I am hoping to finish up Matthew’s room this weekend {and do a quick organization in Connor’s room too!} and then we are heading off to the PNE on Sunday {it’s a big fair that is held in Vancouver every year}.

Like most boys {and girls too!}, my boys love their Legos and have collected a ton of sets over the past few years.  When they first started to play with Lego I had no idea how big this collection would get and it seems to have taken over much of their rooms.  I showed you earlier in the week one of the ways that we are now storing our Lego mini-figures and today I’m showing you how we keep all of those Lego manuals in check.  You know, these ones…

Great idea for storing those Lego manuals!
Even batman couldn’t help with this.

We have tried using binders with clear page protectors to hold all of these in the past but we were getting too many binders and it really wasn’t keeping them all that organized.  The manuals were always falling out of the sleeves when the boys were going through them and they didn’t really put them back.  We then tried putting them all in a drawer but the pages were really starting to get torn apart.

And then I found these cool filing bins at Target and knew that they would be perfect.  I purchased two of them – one holds all of our Star Wars manuals {since we have a ton of these!!} and the other holds all of the other sets.

Great idea for storing those lego manuals!
They also have a little pop up lid in the top which is great for storing the manuals if the kids are still working on a set.

Great idea for storing those Lego manuals!
The boxes are quite plain, so I may dress them up a little in the future, but for now the manuals are are nicely organized and tucked away.   I did add a little label holder to the front though. :)

Great idea for storing those Lego manuals!
So how do you organize your Lego manuals {or do you even keep them?}

Great idea for storing those Lego manuals!
If you do use the binder method for your manuals, check out this cute binder cover from Blissful Roots.  It almost makes me want to pull out those binders again! :)

Lego manual storage ideas.
And if you are need of some mini-figure storage ideas, head on over HERE.

Lego storage ideas.
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  1. Kelekona says

    I used to put my manuals into a box and never look at them again.

    Remember that you can go to Lego’s website and print out fresh copies of the instructions, except for really old manuals.


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