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Hey everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  It is the last weekend of Spring Break for us so we are just trying to fit in some last minute activities with the kids before they head back to school.  Even though I was still working for the week it still felt like a nice little break!

For those of you that have been following along on my craft room journey, I am finally done!! {Well, almost anyways.}

Here’s a big thank-you for putting up with me for the last couple of months! 

For those of you that are new, I started this little transformation back in January with a room that looked like this:

Not exactly the most inspiring space. 

I spent days going through my supplies and organizing everything as much as possible {this picture only shows part of the space that needed to be sorted through by the way!}.  You can see the initial posting and more pictures here.

Thanks to my fabulous Dad and hubby, the room received some new walls, a ceiling, baseboards, and crown molding.  We painted it a soft grey color and added some laminate flooring. 

Then all that was left was the fun part – decorating!  Since my house is filled with boys, I wanted this space to be nice and girly.  I have attached links for all of the projects that I worked on so just click if you would like more info.
I stenciled the far wall of the room and added an Ikea kitchen organizer above the desk {with a spice rack and two tins} for little odds and ends.  I ordered the desk from Target and the lamp and chair are from Ikea as well. 
I bought a floating shelf from Home Depot for above the desk and added a few accessories.  I made the pink flower ball, subway sign, and little butterfly twigs
{Sorry about the lighting.  The projects stand out much better in real life!}
I have the majority of my storage along one of the side walls.  All of the white storage cubes are from Michaels and have been purchased over time.  They are often 40% off and you can sometimes snag a 50% coupon every now and then.  They work great for storing paper, embellishments, tools, etc.  I generally have all of my stickers and other embellishments sorted by season or event {i.e. summer, Christmas, birthdays…} and the drawers are all labelled. 
The small wire rack on the wall stores some recent scrapbooing magazines and the little round storage container on top of the cubes holds some extra scrapbook supplies.  They are both from Willow House {they have amazing home decor and kitchen items!}. Althouh Willow House isn’t available in Canada, I was able to do a catelog party and still got to collect the hostess benefits.  
The tutorial for the magnetic dry erase board can be found here.
I purchased the large metal storage rack from Costco for $35.  The large baasket on top holds a variety of crafting supplies.  I am going to add some pictures and some of my favorite quotes to the little tree thing on the top shelf {one of the little projects still left to do!}.  I have listed some of the other storage supplies I use in a previous posting here as well as some other great stoarge/organization ideas here.
On the opposite wall I have this file folder/shelving system.  It was purchased from Target online for about $60.  I then added the vinyl Create lettering.
When I was initally clearing out my room, I had a ton of magazines and books marked with sticky notes highlighting projects or ideas that I liked.  They were taking up way too much space and it was not a very functional system if I was looking for a particular idea.  So I labelled each of the file folders with a particular subject or Season, tore out the pages, and filed them away.  Favorite craft and decorating books were stored below in the shelving. 
On the back wall of the room I added a few cork board circles for photos and mounted an old flower bin to the wall for more storage. 

Here’s a close up of one of the cork boards and flower tacks.

And one more final look:
Well, congratulations if you made it to the end of this post!  I tried to cover as much as possible but if you have any questions, just let me know. I hope you can get a few ideas for your space! 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


  1. says

    Girl! This looks so so good! I <3 the stenciled wall big time! Lots of clever ideas for storage that I will remember for my own craft room. I know you will enjoy spending time there…away from all the boys whenever you need it! LOL!

  2. says

    Looks so great Jenn! And it truly is an inspiring space :) So much I can do there! When is our next crafting date? Or shall I say when do you have another 7 hours free? LOL!
    p.s. I will be posting my stencil on wood lyrical piece today :)

  3. says

    it looks beautiful!
    i love the create file folder system! i am going to do that…i always pull pictures and leave them on my computer, but such a better way to keep it organized!
    great job!

  4. says

    Well isn’t this my lucky day! I came across your blog from another one and am in awe of your beautiful room! I understand about needing a ‘girlie’ space. I have raised to sons and made my craft room completely female so the men in my house wouldn’t invade it. Now they are grown, I’m moving my craft room into my youngest son’s old bedroom. More space!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! BEAUTIFUL blog! I hope it’s OK that I am now following it. Very inspiring! :o)

  5. says

    Wow! I don’t have a craft room, but my basement could be one in the future. You’ve inspired me!
    Your newest follower. I hope you can come and visit me soon too.

  6. says

    This is amazing! I’m going to order one of those filing cabinet things. I already clicked over to Target and have it in my cart. :) That’s exactly what I’ve needed for our office and it’s perfect! I wish you could get a commission!

    And I LOVE your craft room and all the wonderful details…it’s a beautiful room, but all those personal touches just put it over the top. 5 stars!!! :)

  7. says

    Great minds think alike! I stenciled with gray and white quatrefoil in my creative space too awhile back. Guess we both saw the same awesome pantry project! You did a wonderful job- it looks great!

  8. says

    WOW WOW WOW! So glad you linked up to share this incredible space! That stenciled wall is amazing and I am such a sucker for white furniture. It all came together wonderfully, and is SO organized!

    I shared with my readers on facebook also, I just adore it so!


  9. says

    I love your stenciled wall and all your organization!
    The irony of your “Color Outside of the Lines” sign hanging on a neatly stenciled (in the lines) wall made me laugh. :)
    Enjoy your new craft room!

  10. says

    Fabulous! I LOVE your filing system. I definitely need to implement a similar system – my magazines are way out of control!


  11. says

    This is amazing! Great job! Thanks for the tips as well – I love the IKEA storage. My favorite by far is the inspiration storage file folders. I’m going to do this for sure!!

  12. says

    This is just awesome! I especially like the sign color outside the lines and the stenciled wall. I’m totally inspired to transform my study into my crafts room ! Found you thru CSI project~

  13. says

    This is an amazing space! I’m working on my craft room now and you have inspired me. I’d love to get a closer view of the tree thingy on top of your wire shelving. Where did you get it?

  14. says

    I second RustinFamily’s request- I looked online at the Target website and couldn’t find this piece…but it doesn’t seem to exist! Can you maybe hook us up? Thanks so much in advance!

  15. says

    Sorry guys. The filing system is no longer available at Target. I bought it around January 2011 and it was on clearance then. I have been looking around for you guys as I have had lots of requests as to where to buy it but no luck yet! I don’t know why it would be discontinued as it is such a great filing system. If you know anyone handy, it really wouldn’t be that hard to build. (you could always buy the bottom part and just add on to the top). If anyone finds one, let me know and I can pass on the info!

  16. says

    Hi Anonymous! I got the stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils {there is a link to it on the stencil post} I am actually going to be having a $50 giveaway for a stencil from there in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned! Hope you get this!
    Jenn :)

  17. Anonymous says

    hi I was wondering if your crafty hubby made your filing cabinet or your bought it somewhere? share the love!! i need one of those! :)

  18. Anonymous says

    I love your accent wall. I am about to try one in my house soon. Just wondering…what gray paint did you use on the wall? I’m looking for a good gray!


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