Valentine’s Day Clothespin Wreath

I love decorating for Valentine’s Day! As a Mom of two boys, I rarely get a chance to work with pink so I snatched this cute Echo Park paper up as soon as I saw it! I knew that I would be able to figure out something fun to do with it!  This Valentine’s Day clothespin wreath is easy to create and only requires a few inexpensive supplies…

Valentine's Day Clothespin Wreath - This is a great way to display "love notes" or favorite photos!
I started off by taking all of the clothes pegs apart to paint them and painted half in a light pink and the other half in a darker pink.

Clothes peg Valentine's Day Wreath.
I chose three patterns of paper from the “Be Mine” Echo Park line and cut strips to fit on the front of the clothes pegs.  They were then decoupaged on with Modge Podge.  The fun part, or course, was putting the clothes pegs all back together – I still cannot feel my left index finger!
For the wreath frame, just take a wire clothes hanger and bend it into the shape of a heart.

Clothes Peg Valentine's Day Wreath - Attach favorite quotes or photos to it!
I then bent a loop in the top hook of the hanger and covered it with ribbon to hang.
Clothes Peg Valentine's Day Wreath.Add the clothes pegs and it is ready to hang!  I added some Love cards for now {also cut from the Echo Park paper} but it would also be cute to add your own “Love Notes” or favorite photos!

Clothes Peg Valentine's Day Wreath - Clip up personalized "love notes" or favorite photos!
Well, the kids and I are off to create some more Valentine’s projects {this time a little more kid friendly!}  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. says

    hooray! I’ve been looking for something to do with clothespins after hosting a baby shower, this is perfect! Thankyou for posting

  2. says

    so very cute!

    I was reading My Backyard Eden, who linked to Simply Crafty, who linked to you for this project. So many have made it, I think I need one too :)

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