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I’m back again for my Norwex Tuesday Tidbits. The product of the week this week is the exciting Sanira Toilet Brush System. Whoo! Hoo!

Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting. But, I do love this as much as I can love a toilet cleaner. I have four guys around this house (one of which is learning to potty train!) so the bathroom is always in need of some TLC. Here are some of the highlights of the brush system:
1) The brush has a unique channelling system for the cleaner and does not contain any cavities where bacteria can grow. There are also no metal components. This means no grimy disgusting brush!
2) The cleaning solution is vegetable based with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant. It has a nice light citrusy smell rather than the strong chemical smell of other cleaners. I like it because I can actually smell if I have cleaned properly rather than just having the smell covered up for the short term by chemicals.
3) The disinfectant is biodegradable and breaks down within 48 hours (compared to 30 days for most other cleaners).
4) This brush system uses 10 times less solution (only 3-4 ml!) compared to traditional cleaners.

The Sanira System is really easy to use since everything you need is right there. Just press the brush into the holder and count about 4 seconds to fill the brush with the disinfectant. Scrub it around the toilet and let the solution sit on the surface for 10 minutes before flushing away. Simply rinse the brush after each use and place into holder.

The Sanira solution is also a disinfectant and mildew remover and can be used anywhere. Just mix it with water (1 part Sanira with 3 parts water) to use as a disinfectant. This can be used anywhere such as other areas in the bathroom, cutting boards, change tables (a small spray bottle would be great for the diaper bag!), or for disinfecting toys. It is also a great pre-soak for any micro-fiber cloths that are starting to get that “stale” smell.

The Sanira System (including brush, holder and disinfectant) is $49.99 and will last you 1 year if you clean your toilet twice per week. For this week it is on sale for $45.00.

The Sanira refill costs $15.99 ($14.40 for this week) and will also last you for 1-2 years (depending on how diligent you are with cleaning your toilet!).

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    I just went to the Norwex site and they did not have this listed. Is it not available any more? I just found your site yesterday and have signed up for your emails. I’m quite excited. I don’t quite understand do you sell norwex products? How does a person buy them from you?
    lovebirdmom at gmail dot com

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