How to Clean and Organize the Garage

Garage Pegboard Organizer - This is such a great way to keep all of that sports gear organized and off the floor!

Whew!  Another month has come and gone.  Hopefully you were able to get your tasks done from the laundry room and front entryway, because July is here and it is the perfect time to get those garages cleaned and organized!  If you have been wondering how to organize the garage, this is the post for you! Yep, The Household Organization Diet is ... [ Read More ]

How to Clean and Organize the Laundry Room

Lots of laundry room organization ideas.

Where oh where did May go?  I can't believe that June is here already, but apparently I am late putting up a new monthly to-do list for The Household Organization Diet! This month we are going to be working on cleaning and organizing the laundry room and front entry area. This should be a relatively easy month in terms of the time required ... [ Read More ]

Tackling Procrastination

Great article! Use these tips to help decrease stress and anxiety levels and create more time for doing the things you want to do!

Okay guys.  Today we are going to be talking about my number one nemesis - procrastination. I am a HUGE procrastinator.  It is something that I have always done, but only recently have I really stopped to think about what a negative effect it has on my life.   Procrastination really does not accomplish anything for me other than creating a whole ... [ Read More ]

How to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

How to get your outdoor spaces ready for summer with free printables to keep you on track! Part of The Household Organization Diet.

Hey guys!  This month we are going to be tackling our outside spaces for The Household Organization Diet and getting your yard ready for summer!  Hopefully you have finished all of your bathroom tasks from last month and are ready to get moving outside! We have a lot to do in our yard this year so I am assuming that these tasks will go well into ... [ Read More ]

Family Binder Budgeting Printables

Free printables and tips to help you create and track your budget. Perfect to add to your family binder! //

We are in the last few days of March and I am realizing that I am not going to quite get through everything on my to-do list for this month's Household Organization Diet.  I'm okay with that though -some things just take a little longer than you expect! The biggest thing that has slowed down my progress this month is working on our family ... [ Read More ]

How to Organize Bills {Bill Payment Tracker}

Lots of great tips to keep up with your bill payments including these free printables. Great for a family binder! //

One of my tasks for this month's Household Organization Diet was to review our family binder {you can find the full to do list HERE}.  I haven't actually done this for a while and found out that there were a lot of pages that I was not really using and others that were just not working well anymore.  I decided that it was time to start fresh and ... [ Read More ]

DIY Storage Ladder

Love the look of this DIY ladder! Such a great way to add some extra storage! //

Our main floor powder room is finally done!  It was one of those projects that started out as just a "paint the walls" kind of project but, of course, one thing always leads to another! I should have the whole room reveal for you up next week {UPDATE: you can find it HERE}, but today I am going to share this easy DIY storage ladder ... [ Read More ]

How to Organize Paperwork – Creating a Paper Trail

Great tips to tackle that paper clutter once and for all! //

This month we are working on organizing our office spaces and getting rid of all that paper clutter for The Household Organization Diet {you can find this month's to do list HERE}.  I know that paperwork can be a huge source of stress for many people, and it can be very overwhelming when it comes to trying to organize it all.  It is amazing how ... [ Read More ]