Pallet Sports Equipment Storage

I spent a lot of time last month cleaning and organizing the garage for the July Household Organization Diet.  This has been something that I have been wanting to do for years, but kept putting off due to pure, overwhelming, organization paralysis.  I am happy to say that it is now 95% done with just a few little details to finish up!  If you want to catch some sneak peaks, you can head on over to Behr’s Instagram page – I’m taking it over for the week to show off some of my garage projects!

Turn an old pallet into sports equipment storage!  Pefect for hockey sticks, baseball bats, etc. //
For today, I am going to show you on of my favorite little projects that I did in the garage – our new sports equipment storage!  This will mostly be used to hold all of our hockey sticks but a baseball bat and a couple of light sabers have also snuck their way in there! :)

Turn an old pallet into sports equipment storage!  //
This was a very simple and basically free project – you can’t get much better than that!  We used an old pallet that came with a shipment of paint that we had delivered and all of the rest of the supplies we had on hand.

The pallet was in fairly rough shape so I glued down a couple of spots where the wood was splitting and clamped it together while it dried. 

I then gave it a very thorough sanding using an orbital sander and a sanding block.  Once it was all smooth, I stained it with a dark walnut finish.

Turn an old pallet into a sports organizer! //
It was looking a lot better but I wanted to add an extra little touch.  Using my Silhouette, I cut out some stencils and painted the words on with some white paint.   I always find that a sponge brush works best for this, applying the paint in a dabbing motion rather than actually painting it on in strokes. Once the paint had dried, I sanded it down to distress it and lightly went over it with a rag that had some left over stain on it {just to “dirty” it up a bit!}.

Turn an old pallet into sports equipment storage! //
Load it up with all of your gear, and you are ready to go!  If you have crazy kiddos like we do, you may also want to secure it to a stud using a screw. :)
Turn an old pallet into a sports equipment organizer.  Free and easy storage!  //
Stay tuned for lots more garage organization ideas!  I can’t wait to show you all of the befores and afters! 

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  1. tavette says

    The pallet organizer – you must have had 2 pallets in order to get the back for it – right?

    With the R&W wood thing to hold rakes, shovels, etc. – what keeps the tools from falling together (to the sides)?

    Isn’t peg board wonderful?

    • says

      The back of the pallet still has a top and bottom piece of wood across it so it holds everything in place and I didn’t have to add anything. :)
      I’m not sure what the R&W wood thing is – do you mean the pallet in the Garage Organization ideas collage? I would think that they would fall somewhat to the sides.
      And, yes, I love peg board!!

  2. says

    I loved you idea as soon as I saw it. I had a pallet sitting in the garage, along with some shovels and rakes piled in a corner. I immediately went out there and nailed that pallet to the wall in the corner and stuck all the tools in it. So easy and much neater. I did not paint mine, but I might in the future. It is on my blog above. Thanks for the idea!


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