How to Clean and Organize the Laundry Room

March has finally arrived with the hope that spring will soon be around the corner! {although we just had a big dump of snow yesterday!}  Hopefully you were able to get lots of kitchen cleaning and organizing done in February for The Household Organization Diet and are ready to move onto the next space!

Clean and organize the laundry room.  Free printable checklists included.

This month we will be working on the laundry room as well as the front entry and/or mudroom.  In our home we have a small mudroom/laundry room that is actually the passage way from our main floor to the basement.  The mudroom space is used to store and organize the kids’ stuff while my husband and I use the front entry closet and entry space for our coats, shoes, etc.

So here are my tasks for March…
Clean and Organize the Laundry Room - March tasks for The Household Organization Diet
You can download my tasks HERE or a blank one HERE.

I also have a calendar printable so you can plan when you are going to get things done.
Organizing and cleaning the laundry room and front entry - The March To Do list for The Household Organization Diet.
You can download the above calendar HERE or a blank one HERE.

I have actually just completed a mini-makeover on our laundry room so I will show you that on Wednesday along with some other laundry room organization tips.  If you are ready to get going here are a few tutorials to get you started…

How to Clean Your Washing Machine
{NOTE: My washing machine has functioned so much better since doing this and I have had no mold return following these tips}

Learn how to clean your dryer.  A safety must!
How to Clean your Dryer

You can also see how I have put all of the printables together into a cleaning binder HERE.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder. This will be awesome to help keep me on track! Free printables included.
How to Create a Cleaning Binder.

So let’s get going!  You can do it!

Are you new to The Household Organization Diet?  You can find the first post HERE and get caught up on all of our past projects over HERE.  Now is the time to get organized!!! ;)



  1. says

    Oh man I need to clean out my washer. It is starting to stink. Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to pin it and add it to my spring cleaning list :)

  2. Melanie says

    I just found your website and I am loving it! I started all the printables last night to get my binder together! Woohoo! One quick note- I tried the link for the blank “March tasks” sheet and it’s actually for the one that’s filled in. Any way you could send me the blank one? Thanks!

  3. says

    For a house wife, laundry is the regular task to do. The sorting, washing, drying and folding is a never-ending process in our routine. I never take care of my machine’s stains and junk in the inner part. However, henceforward I will take care of this and remove it per week. Thanks for your helpful suggestions.

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