How to Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

February has arrived and it is time to move into the kitchen for The Household Organization Diet!   Need to know how to clean and organize your kitchen?   This is the plan for you!
How to Clean and Organize the Kitchen
EDIT: You can find the updated 2015 Household Organization Diet plan and free printables HERE.

I hope you all had a productive January with your 30 Day Household Detox.  I was quite happy with what we were able to get rid of and am hoping to continue with a weekly “purge” throughout the year.  You should also have spent some time organizing all of your cleaning supplies and thinking about a “bare minimum” daily cleaning schedule that you can stick to.  Once you have done that, you are ready to start tackling the kitchen!

The kitchen is generally the main hub of the home and can be one of the worst places that we accumulate clutter.   This month will be working on cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of all of that extra stuff that we don’t really use or need.  And, most importantly, we will be coming up with a plan to keep it that way!  Here is my list of what I hope to accomplish this month…

How to Clean and Organize the Kitchen - Free printable

You can download your own copy HERE.  There is also a notes section on the bottom so you can personalize your own list.  Make sure you check back at the end of the week too – I am working on a few more printables  including a month at a glance calendar.  I’ll then be putting it all together in a cleaning binder so everything can stay accessible and organized!   

Throughout the month I will be posting lots of kitchen organization and green cleaning ideas to help keep you inspired.  I have also put together all of my kitchen cleaning and organizing posts from the archives to help get you started…

How to Clean your Garbage Disposal and Microwave
How to naturally clean your microwave and garbage disposal.  So quick and easy!
How to Safely Clean Your Oven
How to safely clean your oven.
How to Clean Your Fridge and Freezer
Great tips on how to organize your fridge and freezer.
How to Clean Your Dishwasher
Tutorial on how to clean your dishwasher.
How to Organize Your Pantry
How to organize a pantry - lots of ideas fro any sized space!
How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink
How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink
How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet
How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet
How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets
How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets
How to Organize a Kitchen Command Centre
How to organize a kitchen command centre.

I’m starting on my kitchen cabinets today and will be working through one or two of them a day throughout the month.  What are you going to start with first?

You can follow along on The Household Organization Diet with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and find all of the past projects on my Pinterest Board.  And don’t forget to download your free printable HERE!

Free printable and lots of tips and tutorials to help get your kitchen cleaned and organized!

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  1. says

    Having the kitchen organized and clean would make the whole house feel like it is running smoother I bet- thanks for the detailed lists and tutorials. I am actually hoping we will be ‘ripping apart’ our kitchen this month- but when I put it back together I will have to start out perfectly clean and organized!

  2. Kari H says

    I assume by the comments I am the only one having a problem. But I cannot get the page to load. I have tried several time. Suggestions?

    • says

      Sorry you can’t get the page to load! Have you tried using a different browser? Chrome and Firefox seem to both be working fine on my computers. I’m sorry – I am about the least technical person you can find. ;) Just wondering if it is the actual blog post page or the printable that you are having trouble with. I know Internet Explorer does not do well with Google Docs.

  3. says

    I love your ideas!! Now to start the work…that’s the hard part lol. When I start in 1 corner by the time I get get back around to that corner my Husband & Sons have dismantled what I had originally done!! LOL I think I need to give them passes to come into the Kitchen while I supervise!

  4. Ariel says

    i found this a month late! Should I start January tasks now and be a month behind, double up on January and February, or skip January and go straight to February’s tasks?

    • says

      Never too late! I’d just start straight in on the February tasks and then you can do the January tasks as you are able. We’ll be going over all of the same areas from the January tasks throughout the year anyways. It was just to give you a bit of a jumpstart! :)

  5. Sarah d says

    Where did you get the rubber cleaning gloves with grommets?! Or did you make them by buying the gloves and adding the grommets? Genius!!

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