How to Make a Cleaning Binder

A couple of weeks ago I shared my Daily Cleaning Schedule and promised to show you how to make a cleaning binder as well.  It took me a little longer than planned but here it is!
Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  This will be awesome to help keep me on track!  Free printables included.
It’s no secret how much I love the Martha Stewart line at Staples and my cleaning binder is yet another item from that collection.  In addition to the binder, I also purchased a few packages of the large plastic dividers, a zippered pouch, and some of the colorful little label stickers.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  Free printables included.
The dividers are labeled for each month of the year as well as a tab for “Projects”, “Repairs”, and “Notes”.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  Free printables included.
For those of you following along on The Household Organization Diet, I do have a title page made up for the front of my binder that you can download HERE.  If you want to personalize it, you can just use any photo editing program {I used Pic Monkey} to add your family name {or whatever else you would like} to it.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  Free printables included.
Next is my daily cleaning schedule.  I don’t really have a weekly cleaning plan that I follow for all of the regular cleaning chores.  We have a big house and, honestly, there is no way that I would have time to clean everything each week.  My daily cleaning list keeps everything relatively clean and tidy and then I clean everything else on an “as needed” basis.  I have two days “off work” each week and I try to use this time to do the housekeeping and grocery shopping {keep in mind that I almost never get it all done!}.    I’ll fill any chores that need to be done on these days on my daily To Do list rather than in the cleaning binder.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  This is a great way to keep you on track!  Free printables included.
In each month tab, I have the monthly tasks, a monthly calendar where I can figure out when I am going to do them, and a blank task list that I will fill in with other monthly jobs that need to be done.   For example, I generally clean our oven and freezer twice per year so I will go ahead and add “clean the over” to my August blank sheet.   I clean the microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher once per month so I add this in each month {I always do these on the same day and it takes about 10 minutes total so it is not a big deal}.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  This will be great to help me stay on track!  Free printables included.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  This is great to help keep yourself on track!  Free printables included.

Everything you need to create a cleaning binder.  Free printables included.

All of the downloads can be found below:

Title Page
Daily Cleaning Schedule
January Blank Tasks
February Blank Tasks
March Blank Tasks
April Blank Tasks
May Blank Tasks
June Blank Tasks
July Blank Tasks
August Blank Tasks
September Blank Tasks
October Blank Tasks
November Blank Tasks
December Blank Tasks

For all of the updated 2015 printables including the monthly to do lists and monthly calendars, head over HERE.

This post is part of The Household Organization Diet.  If you need some organization inspiration, check out THIS POST  to learn more about the plan and THIS POST for all of the 2015 updates {including the monthly calendars that will be released on the first of each month}.  You CAN get that house cleaned and organized once and for all!  To see all of the previous posts click the Get Organized tab at the top of the blog and go to The Household Organization Diet.  I also have all of the posts pinned to my Household Organization Diet pinterest board.  Start at any time and make sure you are following along so you don’t miss out…


The Household Organization Diet is back!! Follow this year long plan to put your home on a diet and get things organized once and for all! //



  1. says

    Yay! My nanny sent this me, and we are so excited to use this so we know what each other did around the house, so we don’t repeat and clean the same thing twice! Perfect, thank you! I’m a new follower and I’m totally excited to see what else you come up with, because I share a lot of the same passions and blog too!

  2. R says

    This is great!! I love the idea, and I love any organized system!
    I am having a hard time print the documents though. Are you able to help me?


    • says

      If you click on the link, it will take you to Google Docs and you should be able to download them to your computer and then print them from there. If you are having trouble with Google Docs, Google Chrome usually works best for the browser. Hope that helps!

  3. Sydnee says

    Question: Back in 2012, you blogged about your To Do List Binder, in there you added a basic cleaning schedule. So do you have your basic cleaning schedule in you to do list binder and in your Cleaning Binder? Or have you moved all your cleaning tasks completely to your cleaning binder? If so, do you still use you To Do List binder? Have you moved it to something smaller? Does it just contain your All your to do’s? I just trying to find a system that will work for me, but I just don’t know what yet. Thanks for you suggestions!

    • says

      I still definitely use my To Do list binder but I pretty much have my regular cleaning schedule memorized now so I don’t really use it in there as it is more of a habit now. I have the cleaning stuff in my cleaning binder and then would just write down things on my To Do list if there was something specific that I wanted to do out of the ordinary. The biggest thing that I find that helps with the To Do list is to just have 2-3 top priorities that you want to do everyday and get those done first. Hope that helps!

  4. Teresa Bowen says

    I love this idea. I would just like to personalize it with my own cleaning tasks… I was wondering if you know of a way that I can edit it or if you could tell me what program you used to make it. Thanks. :)

    • says

      These ones aren’t editable as they are just JPEGs. I did them up in Pic Monkey so if you wanted to add to them you could always download and then edit them in picmonkey or another image software. There are always blank ones available {without any of the tasks listed} for all of the sheets.

  5. Sarah says

    Love this! We have a small two bedroom house with just my 16 month old, husband and I. I find a small packed house just as hard to get everything done :P every closet is full, every cupboard.
    I think this is going to help a lot. Love the check list each month, I’ve tried to stick with weekly cleaning lists and it never works.

  6. Jan says

    What a great idea! I am organized but after seeing this, I can certainly be more organized. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas.

  7. Kimberly says

    Love, what you have done. We have recently moved and I am all about “organization”. I find it make me feel good, and it helps in time management. I will be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mirs says

    What an amazing website! Yr ideas are so sensible. Just stumbled upon yr website and loving all of it. So motivated to clean and organize. Where did you get that flower thingy that you put around yr binder. I love love it…

  9. Cindy says

    Hi, I have just found your website through a Pinterest post and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing all of your detailed posts, printouts, etc for FREE! :)

    I have decided to make a Cleaning Binder and would like to personalize it. Do you mind sharing the font names that you used on the Title Page?

    Thank you again and I look forward to June’s post!

    • says

      Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you – took me a while to look them up! The fonts are Great Vibes, Ostrich Sans Inline, and Egyptienne Light. :)

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