Quick and Easy Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Dinner

I always enjoy watching the Christmas shows on television with my boys during the holidays and I especially love all of the classic shows that I watched when I was a child. Rudolph is usually one of the first shows that we watch each year and this year we made a quick and easy Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer dinner to go along with it.  I came up with the cookies and my oldest actually came up with the Rudolph macaroni and cheese {which, of course, is his favorite!}

Rudolph Macaroni and Cheese
As you can see, it is definitely simple!  We made up some white cheddar macaroni and cheese,then added a few slices of turkey sausage with a couple of peas for the eyes and a tomato for the nose. The antlers are just made from Pillsbury breadsticks.  Super easy and the kids had it eaten up in no time.  We had some carrots on the side too for the reindeer to eat! :)

Rudolph Cookies
For the show, we made up these Rudolph cookies using vanilla cream cookies.  Just break up some pretzels to form the antlers, open up your cookie, and stick them inside.  Add some candy eyes and a red M&M for the nose and you are ready to fly!

It may not be much, but sometimes it is the little things that your kids remember!  I hope you are enjoying all of the magic of the season!
Quick and easy Rudolph Dinner - fun for a Christmas movie night!
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