Under the Sea Invitations {and party sneak peek!}

Last weekend was Connor’s Under the Sea party.  Coming up with the invitations is always one of my favorite things to do when I am in party planning mode…
Cute Under the Sea invitations!  Fun for a pool party too.


These invites actually went together pretty quickly especially considering  that I had 12 of them to do!

  • cardstock {royal blue, green, lighter blue, white}
  • google eyes
  • double sided tape
  • glue
  • fish template {download HERE}
  • circle punch {I used a 3 inch and 2 inch punch}
  • baker’s twine
  • Print and cut out the fish template {download HERE}.  Cut out your fish from the blue cardstock.
  • Cut 1 1/4 inch x 6 inch strips from the lighter blue and green cardstock.  Cut scallops along one edge.  {I cut one that I liked and then used that as a template for the rest}
  • Apply double sided tape along the straight edge.  The scalloped part should be free of tape.  Starting at the tail, add your first strip.  When you apply your second strip slide it underneath the scalloped edge of the first piece.  Repeat until all 6 strips are completed.
  • Turn your fish to the backside and trim the strips down buy cutting along the shape of the fish.
  • Add a google eye.
  • Punch two 3 inch circles and 4 2 inch circles from white cardstock.  Cut a piece of baker’s twine approximately 8-10 inches long and attach to the back of three of the circles {one 3 inch circle and 2 two inch circles} using double sided tape to form the bubbles.  Glue another circle to the back of each of the circles to cover up the baker’s twine.  The Number 6 tag that I used for my invitations was part of an awesome printable package from Dimple Prints that I used for the rest of the party.  I wrote all of the party details on the back of this “bubble”.
  • To attach the string of bubbles to the fish, cut a strip of the royal blue cardstock approximately 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inches.  Apply a small piece of double sided tape to attach the bubble string to the strip.  Use two more small pieces of double sided tape to attach the strip to the back of the fish.  This will form a little “pocket” for the bubbles to sit in.


The bubbles can then be pulled out to reveal all of the party details!
If you are looking for more Under the Sea ideas, you can check out my crab cupcakes here…
…and stay tuned for more party details!
{printables all from Dimple Prints}
There will be lots more to come when I actually get a chance to go through all of the photos!!
Just keep on swimming…


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