Star Wars Party Ideas

I am starting to get going on plans for Connor’s 6th birthday and realized that I never got around to posting a final recap on his Star Wars Party from last year!  I thought that I would put everything together for you in one post to make everything easier to find…
Invitations are a fun way to get everyone excited for the party so don’t be afraid to get creative!  These light saber invites were a big hit with the boys and many of them actually bought them to the party.

We all know that one of the most important aspects of planning a party is the FOOD!  You can check out this post for lots of fun and simple Star Wars food ideas.  There are even some free printables available for you for to create your own water bottles and food tags.
We went super simple with the cake and made these light saber cupcakes.   I wish I had taken a good picture looking down from above but time was short!  You can find other Star Wars cake ideas HERE as well.

Next up is the decor This is always my favorite part of the party planning!  We ended up going with a blue, green and black color scheme.  You can find the links for how to make the R2-D2 cups and light saber napkins/utensil holders HERE.

Thank goodness that it was such a nice day out as the kids ran around in the backyard for the majority of the afternoon playing with their pool noodle light sabers.
For the light sabers, we just cut some pool noodles in half and used silver duct tape and some black electrical tape to decorate up the handles.  We played a game to see who could keep their balloon up in the air using their light saber the longest.  The kids loved it and just wanted to play that one game over and over. We also did a round of musical planets {I just made up some planets out of foam} but the boys quickly returned to their light sabers.
I found some Star Wars birthday packs at Target to use for the goodie bags and added them to a striped paper bag and tied them with the Storm Trooper tags.  Everyone also got a Star Wars M&M toy, the R2-D2 cup and pool noodle light saber to take home.
In the end it was a fabulous party and the boys all had a great time.  Hopefully you will find this helpful for planning a Star Wars party for your little Padawan!
May the force be with you!


  1. says

    My boys just went to a star wars sleepover “Revenge of the Sixth” and brought home pool noodle light sabers. What a fantastic idea!

  2. says

    I had been looking for the chocolate crackers or cookies to match “The Fighters” on the food table, can you tell me what you used I had not had any luck finding anything shaped like that and it is so cute that i want to add them to his food table

  3. jess says

    Thanks for posting this alll the wonderful ideas for a Star Wars party!! What creativity!mI’m amazed! We just celebrated my son’s birthday and I utilized this post to help make it special for him. Thanks so much!

    • says

      Sorry! All of my photo sizes got messed up when I switched from blogger to WP. I am working my way through old posts to re-size them but had over 800 posts to go through. It is a long painful process so please bare with me! :)


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