Black and White Design Inspiration

It has taken me some time to figure this out, but I LOVE black and white together.  I used to think of myself as being drawn more towards whites but ever since I re-did our master bedroom last year, I realize that I have a bit of a dark side too.  

Black and white design inspiration.
Right now I am still working on finishing off our dining room and have continued on with the black and white trend {with a few wood tones and some color thrown in there too!}  Today I thought that I would share some of my black and white design inspiration with you….

Black and white design inspiration.


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    I LOVE black and white rooms. They are so crisp and absolutely timeless. I guess it would depend on how much light the room gets as to whether mostly black or mostly white would look best.

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    Such beautiful inspiration! I’ve got a thing for white, problem is I love it with aqua, tan, black… red. etc… Well, you get the problem. I like too much!

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    Love that bedroom with the red accents! I have a weakness for red, but it is really outstanding against the black and white!

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    Love white! I like a bit of black mixed in with a splash of color, yellow always looks great, but in my house it’s mostly greens and blues mixed in with the white and a little bit of black.


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