Stenciled Table

Our basement doesn’t get much love. It’s pretty much decorated with the stuff that we no longer want on our main floor and often ends up as “the dumping zone” in our house. Since we actually spend a lot of time down there, I decided that it was time to stop neglecting it and put a little time into making it a little more cozy {with pretty much a zero budget}.
When Cutting Edge Stencils offered me a stencil to try out, I knew that I wanted to do something down in the basement.  They have some really fun new designs and it took me a while to figure out what I was actually going to get.  I finally decided on the Herringbone Allover Stencil
This was the table that I used for my crafts before my craft room came to be.  The top was quite marked up with paint, ink and glue stains so it was definitely in need of some love. 

If you have never stenciled before, the Herringbone stencil is a nice easy one to start with.  Since it has such clean lines, it is really easy to line up and the design can easily be tidied up if there is any bleeding of the paint.   I started off painting the table with Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I then mixed the Pure White with some Paris Grey to apply with the stencil.  One of the benefits with using the chalk paint is that it dries extremely fast!

I lined up the middle line of the stencil on the table and just used some painter’s tape to hold down the edges.  I have used a foam roller with my past stenciling projects but used a paint brush for this project  to stay with the more handpainted style that I wanted for the table. In less than 30 minutes, it was done!  Soooo much easier than measuring and taping off lines!

I used clear wax mixed with just a dab of the dark wax to tone down the white a bit.  I will still probably do a bit more sanding but think I will live with it for a little longer first.