Fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Yesterday was a new stat holiday for those of us in B.C. – Family Day!  We had a great P.J. day together and just took the day to build Legos, read books, and hang out.  I took advantage of the extra time in the morning and put together an early Valentine’s Day brunch for the boys.

Fun Valentine's Day Breakfast
I decorated the table with some various Valentine’s decor that I had out around the house and used these cute bird candle holders to hold a little bit of Valentine’s Day candy.

Fun Valentine's Day breakfast
{you can find tutorials for the pomander balls and ruffled balls HERE and HERE}

I used some washi tape to decorate up the paper cups and straws and froze some pink milk in heart ice cube trays to add to the milk.

Add some food coloring to milk and freeze in ice cube trays.  Add to milk to turn it pink.
I also made this Valentine’s mailbox and filled it with activity coupons for the kids {such as a family game night, dinner of their choice, trip to the wave pool, etc.}.  They took turns picking their “letters” out of the mailbox and have already started planning when they want to do their activities.

Valentine's Day coupons for kids and fun Valentine's breakfast ideas.
Breakfast was heart pancakes and strawberries {and my favorite hash browns for Dave and me} with some Valentine’s candies thrown in there for fun! :)

Fun Valentine's Day breakfast ideas.
And most importantly, there was lots of time to just sit down and enjoy.  Definitely a nice way to spend our family day!

Valentine's Day breakfast.
{Okay, not one of my kids’ most photogenic moments but I still think they are pretty cute.}

Fun Valentine's Day breakfast ideas.
If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, you can find the quick and easy version here. :)

Quick and easy Valentine's Day breakfast.
I have one more Valentine’s project to show you and then I have some catching up to do on my February tasks for The Household Organization Diet!

Have a great week!  


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    I know this isn’t what I’m supposed to be taking away from this post, but I LOVE the idea of having a national family day! It sounds like it used it to the fullest!

  2. says

    Fun! We do the same thing but the past two years I have done cereal with pink milk to make my life super easy. Its so fun to make it seem festive with paper plates and a cute tablecloth and for us all to exchange valentine’s at breakfast to start the day off right. you can see ours from last year here:
    not the best pictures because i wasn’t planning to blog about it and we didn’t have all the valentine’s on the table but you get the idea.

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