Valentine’s Owl Cupcakes

Hey guys!  I hope you are all having a great week!  Just a really quick one for you today. I have been beat this week so no late night post writing for me! 
Last weekend, the boys and I whipped up some cupcakes {from a box}.  I used some of them to create the Mini Baked Alaskas that I shared with you early in the week and then the boys and I decorated the rest. We started out nice and orderly and made some Valentine’s Day owls to go with our owl treat boxes
We just used chocolate wafer cookies for the wings and ears and mini Oreos for the base of the eyes.  The nose and pink part on the eyes are Smarties {These are the Canadian Smarties with chocolate – I’m not sure what the equivalent is in the States…}
Then the boys started to go a little crazy with the candies…

I have no will power and ate way too many goodies myself.  I was pretty much feeling like this by the end…

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Household Organization Diet post on organizing the pantry {or lack there of!} Only one more week to go until the kitchen is done! :)




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    I’m an new follower and I think I just died of cuteness. This makes me want to throw an owl themed party just so I can make these cute cupcakes.

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