Creating a Cleaning Binder {HOD}

Hello! Who is ready to get organized for 2013? The Household Organization Diet officially begins on Monday but I have a few “pre-challenge” little projects for you to do first.  Don’t worry – they’re easy! {If you haven’t heard about my Household Organization Diet you can read about it here}

Today we need to get a cleaning binder ready.  You can probably find one around the house or, better yet, splurge and go out and find a cute one.  Target always has cute office supplies and you know how much I love the Martha Stewart line from Staples {of course I had to get something to match my planner!}

All you need is a 3 ring binder and 13 divider tabs – one for each month and a “Notes” section.

If you would like to print out a title page, you can find one here

I should have a few more printables for you before the challenge starts and then we will be adding a couple more each month.

And that is it!  See?  I told you it would be easy!

Make sure you are following along to get all of the month to do lists and free organization and cleaning printables. To easily find all of the posts from the Household Organization Diet, just click on The Household Organization Diet under the Get Organized tab on the menu bar at the top of the blog.  You can also follow along with me on Pinterest and find all of the posts on my Household Organization Diet Board.  Let’s get organized together!

If you are going to be participating in the challenge, don’t forget to follow along on Facebook.  I will be posting lots of organization tips and it will be a great place for us all to connect!




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    Wow Jenn what a great idea! So easy to keep track and maybe take turns with your husband cleaning every month (a girl can wish). And you made yours look so pretty. Thanks for the great idea.

    For cleaning jobs you can’t or may not want to do call Perma-Dry. They have solutions for all your concrete repair, restoration and protective coating needs.

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    Hi there. Has anyone else mentioned that they can’t get your Google docs to open? I’ve been trying ever since you posted the title page, but keep getting an error message. Google seems to be aware of this problem, but I don’t know whn it will be fixed.

  3. says

    I was having the Google Docs issue too, but it worked fine in Firefox. If you’re using an older version of IE, that might be the problem. I think that was my issue.

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