Ruffled Tree

Hey guys! I hope you have been having a wonderful week! I am definitely starting to feel all of the bustle of the Christmas festivities! Just when you thought that you were going to be somewhat organized, it finally hits you how much stuff you still have to do! :) 
Since time is a little short around here, I just have a quick post to share with you this morning…
Last year I made this Ruffled Tree Wall Art but I didn’t have anywhere to put it this year.
So I pulled everything off the board and started again!  I already had some styrofoam cones so I just had to take the felt circles off of the board and add it to the cone.  Definitely my kind of project!
The top of the cone was flat and I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.  I just ended up adding a glittery ornament to the top and it fit perfectly.
I had originally made this bell garland to go on the tree but decided that I liked my tree better plain.  Instead, I just lengthened it and used it on the shelf to add a little bling.
If you want to make your own ruffled tree, you can find the step by step instructions here.  Just pin the circles onto a styrofoam cone instead of the board. 




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