Christmas Wish List Tree Ornaments {Free Printable}

I always try to make at least one ornament with the kids each year to hang on our tree.  They make wonderful keepsakes and it is so much fun to look back on the ornaments from years past as we decorate the tree each year.  This year we made up these fun Wish List Ornaments…

Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament.  Such a fun Christmas keepsake!
Both of my boys love pouring through the Christmas wish books and advertisements looking for their favorite toys to add to their wish lists.   I always find it fun looking back over the years to see what the boys wanted – it really shows their growth and gives a little snapshot of what they enjoyed at each age.
  • You could use a wooden spool for this project but I could not find one in the size that I wanted.  I did a little improvising and ended up using wooden pieces that can be found at most craft stores – 1 pickle barrel (1 5/8 inch) and 2 wood circles with a hole in the middle {1 3/8 diameter}
  • Acrylic paint {I used red}
  • Paper Trimmer
  • baker’s twine
  • double sided scrapbook paper {optional}
  • white office paper or cardstock
  • glue {you will need glue that can bond wood – I used Quick Grip}
  • printable {find it here} or write your own
  • glue stick
  • brown ink {optional}
  • double sided tape {I found this easier but you could just use a glue stick}
  • jingle bells
  • small tag {you can find these at Staples or other home office supply stores or just make up your own}


  • Paint your wooden pieces red.
Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament.  Such a wonderful Christmas keepsake!
  •  Cut two pieces of twine {approximately 6-7 inches long}.  Thread through the hole on each of the circle pieces and glue down on the inside using the Quick Grip {you could also use tape for this as well} Using the wood glue again attach the barrel to each end.  You don’t have to be too worried about how it looks on the inside as this will be covered up in the end.
Christmas Wish List Ornament.
Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament
  • Download the printable and print it out as an 8×10 {rather than full page}.  If you are going to be using some scrapbook paper like I did for a matting, just print this out with standard office paper.  If you are not going to be using a matting, print it out on cardstock so it has more weight to it.
  • Trim the printable down.  If you are going to be using matting, trim it down so that the width is flush with the black lines {you will trim a little of the red off}.  If you are not going to be using a matting, trim it down so that the width is approximately flush with the red lines.  Do NOT take any length off on top of the  printable.  Trim the bottom off so that there is approximately 1-2 cm of white paper below the bottom red line.  {It also looks kind of neat if you tear the paper on the bottom rather than using a straight line}  Get your children to make their lists.
Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament.
  • If you are going to be adding some scrapbook paper for matting trim it down now.  I just have approximately 1 mm showing on either side of the printable but it adds a little dimension and I like the look from the back {and the rolled up part on the bottom} with the double sided paper.  Before I glued my printable down, I added some brown ink along the edges and lightly over random spots on the paper to make it look a little more worn.  Use the glue stick to adhere the printable to the matting.
Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament.
  •  To attach the list to the spool, apply a piece of double sided tape on the back {approximately where the first red line is}.  Wrap the paper around the spool and adhere down.  You could also use glue for this step if you don’t have double sided tape.  Using a pen, roll up the end a bit to make it look more like a scroll and shape your list.
  • Tie the twine up at the top with a couple of jingle bells and a tag.  I wrote “Christmas 2012″ on one side of the tag and my son’s name and age on the other side.  I also inked the edges of the tag as well with some brown ink.
Christmas Wish List Ornament
You can either hang it on your tree…

Christmas Wish List Tree Ornament.  Such a sweet Chistmas keepsake!
Or display it elsewhere in your home.

Christmas Wish List Ornament.  Such a fun Christmas keepsake!
Either way, it makes a wonderful keepsake to enjoy for many Christmases to come!

Don’t forget to head over to Design Dazzle to check out all of the other fun projects.  Your kids will love you! :) 




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