Walnut Men Christmas Ornaments

I am Alexis and on my blog, Jac o’ lyn Murphy, I share all the holiday, gifts and party related things that I do.  I am so excited to be here with Jenn and share my nutty Christmas Ornaments!

My family tends to be a little silly during the holidays so I decided to honor everyone this year with their own Walnut Ornament Characterchure…
  • walnuts
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • ribbon
  • glue gun or strong glue
  • clear spray coating
  • Paint your walnuts to look like family members, adding special traits that they possess {here is my husband’s thinning hair on top of his head!}
  • Once they are painted and dried, spray with a clear (and I used one with a slight gloss) protective coating, let dry, and attach a ribbon loop,
  • On the back with hot glue, trim the long ends when dry…
…and Presto!
Here is my nutty family (including my parent’s beloved Old English Sheepdog, Prudence!).
My son is not happy that he is the “biggest nut”.  I really didn’t do it intentionally :)
 of course I had to put them on 
I packaged them in a glass container with a fitting sticker…

and gave them as an early Christmas gift!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Now, how awesome are those?  I love how fun they are and the packaging is so cute!  I think my boys would really get a kick out of this one!  Alexis always has the most amazing gift and party ideas over at Jac o’ lyn Murphy and definitely puts a fun twist on things!  Don’t forget to drop by and see her latest project!


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