Thanksgiving Handprint Turkeys

I don’t really think you can make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without a handprint turkey or two.  So… here it is! Our handprint turkey family! 

Thanksgiving handprint turkeys for the whole family!
I have lots of handprint projects from the kids but I thought that it would be fun for Dave and me to join in on the fun this time!  Its’ kind of scary how close Matthew’s hand size is to mine!  This is a really simple project that gets the whole family involved.  I did cut out the kids’ hands for them but there was a lot of gluing and punching that they could still do!

  • I had an old canvas that was given to me by a friend about a year ago.  I knew I would get around to using it eventually!
Turkey handprint family.
  • I painted over it with beige acrylic paint {a few good coats were needed}.  I then taped the edges with painter’s tape and painted a dark brown border around it. 
  •  The handprint turkeys are pretty straight forward.  I used some old scrapbook paper for the feathers and inked the edges of everything with brown ink.  The circles are just from a punch.
Cute Thanksgiviing turkey handprint family.  Get the whole family involved!
Don’t forget to add the date somewhere on your project!  

Cute Thanksgiving turkey handprints.  Get the whole family involved! 
If you are looking for more turkey handprint projects, there is definitely no shortage of ideas out there. Here are some of my favorite creative twists that I have found… 

 Handmade Bread Basket Liner from Make and Takes. This would be such a fabulous keepsake to use from year to year.
Thanksgiving handprint ideas.
Handprint Cookies
from Somewhat Simple.   These are so cute I might have a hard time eating them!
Turkey handprint cookies and other Thanksgiviing handprint ideas.
Thumbprint turkeys from Cards by CG.
Thumb print turkeys and other Thanksgiving handprint ideas.
Handprint and Footprint Turkeys from Peterson Stories.
Handprint and footprints turkeys and other Thanksgiving handprint ideas.
So what about you?  Are you a handprint project fan?



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