Rustic Christmas Planters

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful week! 

I have been itching to get going on all of my holiday projects but I {stupidly} started painting our kitchen table and dining room furniture last week. I have a really bad habit of underestimating how long things are going to take me and this project is no exception.  I did, however, get a couple of little Christmas projects in here and there including making a couple of these Christmas planters…

Rustic Christmas Hanging Basket.  Love this!
Since the inside of my house is a mess right now with all of the painting, I thought that I would start some decorating outside!

Rustic Hanging Christmas Basket.  Would look wonderful on the front porch!
I had these hanging planter boxes from the summer and transformed them for my fall porch. To decorate things for Christmas, I just turned them around and added some vinyl lettering to the front.  After a quick nature walk to pick up some greenery and sticks, they were all ready to go.

Rustic Christmas Basket.  This would look lovely on the front porch!
I sprayed the sticks with spray adhesive and added some epsom salts to them and had the snowy pinecones from last year.  I used florist’s foam in the first basket to hold the branches but I found that good ol’ dirt worked just as well.

Rustic Hanging Christmas Basket.  Love this!
I will be finishing off the rest of the front porch tomorrow in between painting and waxing.  Stay tuned for the finished results next week.  And hopefully I will be able to start to work on a little Christmas magic inside the house too!

Have a fabulous weekend!