Canning Jar Snowman

Hey Clean and Scentsible friends! I’m Kristin from Simply Klassic Home and Simply Klassic Design. I blog about all kinds of things, but mostly home decor and recipes, with a little craftiness thrown in. Oh, and let’s not forget my crazy kids – I blog about them every once in a while too! I am a single, adoptive mommy of two little kiddos, who loves to cook, decorate and DIY. I am a newly converted thrifter and I love all things vintage. My kids are a handful, I’m exhausted, and most days my house is a mess. Simply Klassic is the place where I share our crazy, beautiful, perfectly imperfect life! 

 I was so thrilled when Jenn asked me to participate in her Handmade Christmas series. Then I was like…what am I going to do??? I’m not THAT crafty, it’s usually by luck that I come up with something creative, like my canning jar ring pumpkin. Speaking of canning jar rings, it seems they are pretty versatile, and who doesn’t have a few jar rings lying around the house? I knew I could come up with something. The other day I challenged myself to create ten different ornaments with just a few supplies. This little cutie was number 11. 

I think he’s pretty cute. I had to give him a hat because my kids didn’t believe me that he was a snowman. It’s super simple to make too!


  • three canning jar rings 
  • fishing twine
  • mod podge
  • epsom salt
  • silver or black pipe cleaner 
  • ribbon {for scarf}


  • Apply a light coat of mod podge to a canning jar ring, then dip it into a plate of epsom salt. Allow to dry completely. 
  • Tie the rings together with fishing twine. 
  •  Form the hat with pipe cleaner and just bend it around the jar to attach. You could totally hot glue it if you want to, but I was too lazy, and it hasn’t fallen off yet! 
  • Tie a scarf (ribbon) around his neck, and tie fishing line through the top ring for hanging.

It was so easy I’m going to have my kids make more for Christmas gifts and I think I’ll put their little faces in the top circle. 

Thank you so much Jenn for the opportunity to be a part of such a fun series. There’s more fun to be had over at Simply Klassic! I hope you’ll stop by the blog, or visit me on Facebook or Pinterest. I’d love to get to know you better!


Isn’t he cute?  Don’t let Kristin fool you when she says she isn’t that crafty!  I first met Kristin when she re-designed my blog for me.  She was wonderful to work with and she is still always there to help out.  She has a beautiful blog and always speaks her heart.  I know you will love her so head on over to Simply Klassic and say hello!



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