Our Pumpkin Carving Dinner

Last night we had our annual pumpkin carving night. The boys still wouldn’t help us pull out the “pumpkin guts” but they did participate more in the carving and coming up with the pumpkin designs {which is pretty obvious if you see our pumpkins!}  No big pumpkin reveal yet though – you will just have to wait until Halloween. :)
Before we got to the carving, I made up a fun Halloween dinner for my little pumpkins.
So here was the menu… 
Pumpkin Dip and Chips
{spicy red hummus with grated carrots}
{meat balls with ketchup and a pea}
Werewolf Bones
{Pillsbury dough shaped into bones…well, kind of!}
Ghost Milk “Shakes”
{apparently my ghost face was not acceptable to Matthew…}
and Spaghetti {AKA witches’ worms or brains}.  No picture of this one but I am sure you have seen this before!
We ended up eating by candlelight which the boys thought was fun.  
And then it was on to the carving!!!  
Have you carved up your pumpkins yet?  Only a couple of days left to the big night!

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