How to Organize Kids’ Closets

Way back at the end of August I went through all of our clothes closets and did some re-organizing. Although I did manage to share some of my closet organization tips and our master closet, the fall projects quickly took over and I didn’t get around to showing you the kids closets.  I actually still have a few projects to finish up in there but I thought I would show you where we are at now.

Great ideas for keeping kids' closets organized! //
Whoever built our house really liked closet spaces and all of the bedrooms have good sized walk-in closets.  Definitely a bonus! This especially works great in the kids’ rooms for storing a lot of their toys and bedding as well as all of their clothes.
Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
The kids clothes are all arranged by type of clothing {i.e. collared short sleeve shirts, T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, pants, etc} and are somewhat color sorted.  These non slip hangers from Superstore are great for actually keeping the clothes on the hangers but are a little more difficult for little ones to actually hang up their own clothing.  Nothing that a little practice can’t fix though! :)

After a quick shopping trip to Ikea and Michaels as well as some rummaging around the house, here is what I ended up using for storage pieces in the closet.

Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
The large bins on top were purchased from Michaels.  Although they don’t usually have the best prices on storage bins, these were on clearance and I was also able to use a 20% off coupon with them.  They ended up being around $14 each {regular $40!} and fit the shelves perfectly.  One is used for holding quilts, one is for clothing that Connor has outgrown {to sell or donate} and the other is for clothing that is still just a little too big.  I do have some bigger Rubbermaid bins in the basement that I use to hold most of the hand-me-down clothing but I like to keep those items that he has almost grown into on hand so I don’t miss out on them fitting!

If you don’t have any shelving built into your closet, look for bookshelves or other shelving units that will fit in your space as they are often a lot cheaper than purchasing customized closet shelving.  This was an old bookshelf that I purchased years ago at Walmart.  The wicker bins on the top are from Ikea and hold socks and underwear.  The bottom shelf holds some toys and games as well as Connor’s sports uniforms.  The white bins are newer storage boxes from Ikea and I love them!  They come with a lid, are stackable and durable.  I added the chalkboard labels and also have a couple of more of these on the other side of the closet for more toys.  Bins are definitely my favorite storage item for toys – they make clean up a cinch and can be carted around the house if the boys want to play elsewhere with them {which often happens!}.

Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
Both of my boys love their stuffy collection and would have a lot more if they had their way!  They each have a laundry basket in their rooms to hold their stuffies with no new ones allowed unless there is space available in their basket.

Tips for organizing kids' closets. // cleanandscentsible.comI also have another basket for quilts that the kids can access.  With two sister-in-laws that are fabulous quilters, we have a lot around here!

Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
I love the look of these wall hooks from Ikea and have a set of them in our closet as well. Connor is not actually able to reach the top hooks so I am in the process of painting a little stool for him so he can do this on his own.

Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
The dresser holds random clothing items in the top drawer {swimming clothes, hats, winter mitts, etch}, pajamas in the middle drawer, and bedding in the bottom.  It’s also nice to have a little space to display some personal items – some baby pictures, our favorite book, his first baby present, and one of my favorite pictures of the two boys!

Tips for organizing kids' closets. //
In case you are wondering about Matthew’s closet, I re-organized it last year and pretty much just tidied things up and took out clothing that no longer fit.  You can find it here.

Happy Organizing!!




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