Halloween Bat Cupcakes

Happy Friday!! I hope you have all had a great week! Sorry about the lack of posts this week – I have been busy trying to get caught up on things around the house and blogging time always seems to be the first to go!

So we are into our final weekend before Halloween!  Can you believe it?  If you are looking for some last minute Halloween activities that you can do with your kids, I have a couple of projects to share with you over the next couple of days starting with these little guys…

Halloween Bat Cupcakes - so cute!!
The kids had a bake sale at school today, so we made up a bunch of these bat cupcakes for the boys to take. Obviously they do not require any great skill in the kitchen which is perfect for me!

Halloween bat cupcakes - so cute!!
  • frosted cupcakes
  • chocolate frosting
  • mini Oreo cookies
  • full size Oreo cookies or chocolate wafers {cut in half}
  • white chocolate chips
  • milk chocolate chips


  • For the eyes, twist your mini Oreos to pull off the top cookie layer.  Cut off the pointy part of the chocolate chip and use a small amount of frosting to adhere it to the white.
  • Cut one of the mini cookie layers that you removed in half to form the ears.  Note: When you are cutting the cookies, use a slow sawing motion to avoid breaking!
  • Separate your full size Oreo cookie and cut one of the cookies in half to from the wings.  Attach to your cupcake and add the white chocolate chips for the fangs.
Halloween bat cupcakes - so cute!!
Make sure you take a second to admire how cute your bat is before you eat him up!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  See you soon!



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