Chocolate Turkey Fondue

Hello friends! How has your week been going? We have been doing a few fun Thanksgiving projects around here this week in anticipation of our Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday.

The kids will actually be away with their grandparents on Thanksgiving {and I will be away on a shopping trip with one of my girlfriends – yay!!!} so we kind of had our Thanksgiving this past weekend.  Dave is vegetarian and neither the kids or I really like turkey so we decided to celebrate with a chocolate turkey fondue!

This fruit turkey platter is a fun addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table and is even better with some chocolate fondue! #Thanksgiving
I saw this peacock fruit platter in Canadian Family and figured that he could easily be converted to a turkey.   And since we can’t have a celebration without chocolate, I pulled out our Velata chocolate fondue pot for a little dipping!

This fruit turkey platter is the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table and is even better with a chocolate fondue! #Thanksgiviing

If you were doing a party, you could put the fruit onto skewers so it is easier to serve.  This would also make a great class treat! {minus the chocolate!}

SO cute for the Thanksgiving dessert table!!
We also made some fun turkey crafts that I will hopefully get around to posting later this week!  Our turkeys are always happy since they know they will not be eaten around here!



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