Rustic Fall Sign

Okay, I know this is pretty much the easiest project ever.  It did require some gluing though so it can still be considered a craft, right? {just humor me on this one!}

Rustic fall sign.
This little sign actually ended up being one of my favorite fall decorations this year and kind of happened by accident.

Rustic Harvest Sign.
 Last summer I picked up some driftwood while we were on a camping trip.  I used one piece for this  sign in our master bathroom and the rest remained out in our garage.  My hubby has been threatening to throw it out for a while now so I figured I better do something with it quickly!

Rustic fall sign.
I had some wooden letters from the dollar store that I purchased a couple of years ago but they kind of just faded into the background.  It is amazing how much better they looked when they were glued onto the driftwood!  I was actually going to stain the driftwood but kind of liked the rustic look.

Rustic fall sign.
Sometimes the simplest projects can end up being your favorite.  :)

I love this simple, rustic fall sign and mantel.
And here it is all dressed up after our fireplace makeover.
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