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Happy Monday everyone!! Are you all recovering from your Easter sugar highs?  Easter Monday is a holiday here so I have one more day off with the kids before returning to our regular schedules.  Oh, how I love little vacations!
I have been continuing on with some work on the reading nook this weekend and will hopefully have things completed by by tomorrow.  I was planning on starting this little project almost a year ago now so I will be SO happy to have it checked off my list!
The plan for this weekend was to set up the bookshelves.  We have a TON of books at our house and both of the boys have traditional book shelves in each of their rooms.  Connor still has a lot of trouble putting them away though and is not able to read the spines of the books yet.  So, each night, we tend to get the same book over and over again….
I have seen a number of ways to display books with the front facing shelving {you can see some of my pins here} but figured that the rain gutter bookshelves would be the easiest.  I am all about easy these days!
I purchased two 10 foot rain gutters from Home Depot and the nice guy helping me out cut them in half so they would fit in the car.   When I got home, we just measured them {ours are 43 inches} and trimmed the ends down with a hacksaw.  I filed the ends down a bit but, due to the placement of our shelving, it was not really an issue.  If your shelves are going to be exposed, you can buy caps for the ends so you don’t have to worry about little fingers getting cut!
To mount them, we just used the gutter spacers and drilled them into the studs in the wall {one on each end}.
Although the spacers do take up a bit of room, they help to strengthening the shelving a bit and just seem a little more solid than just drilling into the back of the gutters. The books in the corner just perch on top of the spacer and it actually provides a nice height difference. 
 The bins on the bottom were purchased from Superstore and provides another quick storage option for the books.  I am planning on changing out the Book of the Month box with seasonal or theme books each month.
The total cost for the shelves and 3 bins was around $50.  Not too bad for a completely new look!
I just have a couple more little projects to go and things will be all ready for the big reveal!


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    I have been wanting to do this FOREVER! I love this! And I am with you…I am inspired by different ways to display the gazillion books we have but not sure which one fits us just right. And I have a section of the girl’s room that I want to make a nook too. Love the inspiration friend!

  2. says

    Looks GREAT! I keep meaning to do this and have seen all sorts of “Pinteresting” ideas but the rain gutters has got to be the best/easiest option! Thanks for sharing & inspiring! I’m hopping over from Tip Junkie & am now following GFC & linky – I would love for you to check out The Vintage Milk House – Have a great week! – Kali

  3. says

    This little nook looks so fun and inviting! I have seen rain gutters used for book storage in classrooms but never in a home. The bins are awesome, too! Did you get them at the Superstore recently because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.

    Love that you have so much Canadian content on your shelves :) Go Robert Munsch!

    Claire @

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    Liking the reading nook idea! The rain gutters look very nice — reinforcement was smart. I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

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    I love your idea for changing the bins out with seasonal themes. I just recently started rotating out my kids books (since they have so many!) and I find that they are enjoying them so much more now.

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    Your rain gutter bookshelf looks perfect! Did you put a protector on the cut edge of the gutter? That would be the best thing to do keep your kids from getting hurt from the sharp metal edge of the rain gutter.

  7. Anonymous says

    Love this idea…perfect solution to my littlest boy’s room. I purchased the gutters at Home Depot today; I didn’t see metal ones, so I got the plastic ones. I am not sure this is what you did…did you do metal or plastic? Do you see a problem with using the plastic kind? Also, what is “Superstore” for those bins? Thanks.

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