April Fool’s Day Ideas

I’ve never really done much for April Fool’s Day but, last year, I put the kids’ cereal in their drink cups and filled their bowls with juice. They seriously thought that it was the funniest thing ever and STILL talk about it!  It is one of those silly little things that made a big impact on the kiddos.  Another reminder that it really does not take much effort to impress kids!
Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!
This year I have been on the hunt for some other easy April Fool’s jokes that I can do with the boys.  Here are a few of my favs…

Fried eggs {yogurt and half a peach} from Meet the Dubiens.

Lots of fun April Fool's Day ideas.
Gag Lunch
from Family Fun.

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!
Rice Krispie Meatloaf 
from Family Fun. {This looks disgusting so I’m sure it would be a hit!}

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!
Pour jello into a cup and insert a straw before it cools.  {From The 303 Griffiths}

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!
Create a real “sponge” cake from Family Fun.  I think the kids and I will make one of these for Dave.

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!
Frozen Cereal from Clean and Scentsible

Fun April Fool's Day breakfast and lots of other great April Fool's Day ideas for kids.

Here are some other ideas that I have heard of and/or done:

  • After the kids are asleep, switch around their dresser drawers.  
  • A couple of years ago, Dave and I moved the kids mattresses while they were sleeping from their bed to the other side of their room.  We were killing ourselves laughing as we moved them but, amazingly enough, they actually stayed asleep.  It was so funny hearing them wake up in the morning!
  • Bunch up toilet paper and stuff it in the kids’ shoes.
  • Make a “milk shake” with chocolate syrup, baking soda, and water.  It looks like a tasty chocolate milkshake!  {My friend and I did this on my brother when we were little – sorry Bri!}
  • Let your kids have backwards day with their clothing – wear their clothes backwards, inside out, or however they please!  My son did this with his preschool and had a great time coming up with crazy ideas! {You might want to save this one if you are heading out somewhere important for the day!}  It might also be fun for Mom and Dad to dress up in backwards clothing and see what the kids say.
  • Write a bathroom message.  Using a permanent marker, write a message on some toilet paper and place in the toilet.  This would work especially well for little boys that stand up to do their thing! {use longer toilet paper so the edges of the paper actually touch the rim of the toilet}
  • Set various alarms and timers throughout the house so one goes off every few minutes.  The kids will have fun running around trying to figure out where all of the beeping is coming from.
  • Switch the inner bags of cereal in their boxes.  I think an All Bran and Fruit Loops switch would work well!
  • Add dry yeast to a box of pancake mix and have your kids help your make breakfast.  The pancakes will keep growing and growing!

Have you tried any of these before or have any other good ones to add?  I’d love to hear what you are up to!  April Fool’s is a great day to spend a little extra time to make your little ones laugh!

Have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous says

    my fav…get a french fry box from McD, cut fry shaped sticks from a trimmed pound cake and toast in the oven. Serve in the fry box with raspberry puree on the side as “ketchup”.

  2. says

    I love the silly lunch. I do something every single year for my kids … sometimes they totally fall for it and often they don’t but it’s a really fun tradition.

    Last year we did the Kool-Aid juice and a parking ticket for my husband {http://www.dukesandduchesses.com/2011/04/tricks.html}.

    One year I filled tea bags with gravy mix to trick my son – that was gross! {http://www.dukesandduchesses.com/2010/04/playing-some-tricks.html}

    One of the kids favorites was grilled cheese that was really pound cake. {http://www.dukesandduchesses.com/2008/04/happy-april-fools-day.html }

  3. says

    Wow, fun! What cute ideas! Last year we filled a milk jug with water and watched as one of us after the other ‘helped’ me by pouring the baby a bottle… it was harmless and silly. Fun with kids! Thanks for sharing your list! I found you on ABFoL.

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve never done any really good pranks for April fool’s day, but my grandma told me she would put cardboard in my dad’s sandwich and plastic wrap on the toilet. She did other things too, just can’t remember them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    My favorite April fools prank was when my 4th son was 5 months old. I had a pregnant friend take a preggo test and I left it out for my husband on his sink and waited for the time bomb to go off! Was funny for the kids and I, hubby took a bit longer to cool down :)

  6. says

    I really liked the frozen milk in the cereal bowl and the Jello drinks. My kids would get a kick out of those. Oh, and the mixed up dresser drawers. Another idea that would go along with the backwards clothing could be to have mom and dad dress up in each others clothes. Since April 1 is on Sunday this year, this could be pretty funny.

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