Felt Valentine’s Decor

Yay Friday!!! This has been a really long week so I am SO happy that the weekend is here!  This week has pretty much been a write off for creative or ambitious projects.  By the time the kids were in bed, I was definitely done.  While I was catching up on some favorite TV shows, I did manage to cut lots and lots of felt circles out{ like well over 500!} for a few Valentine’s projects.  

I came across this heart wreath last year {from the Idea Room} right after Valentine’s day and it has remained one of my favorite Valentine’s ideas that I have come across.  So, of course, I needed to have my own.

This project is super simple but does require a few hours of mindless circle cutting.  For the circles, I cut out four layers of felt at a time and then tidied up the edges a bit.  The circles are folded up so they do not have to be perfect.  I didn’t bother tracing a circle onto the felt and just used one circle as a template and cut around it. 

I picked up this glitter heart wreath at the dollar store.  I am thinking that I need to go back and get a couple more {they had 2 different sizes}.  Ribbon attached and all ready to go!
To pin on your circles, fold them in half and then fold them in half again.  Stick a straight pin through all four layers and then attach to your foam.  Keep folding and pinning your circles randomly around the foam.  Unfortunately for me, I liked the circles placed quite close together {which meant a lot more felt circles to cut!}  Since I wanted to hang my wreath on a wreath hanger and the back of it was visible, I also had to cover the back with the felt circles as well.  If you will be hanging it against a wall, leave the back and save yourself a whole lot of time!

Although the photo doesn’t show it too well, I just love the ruffled look of it!  And, since I love cutting out circles so much, I also made some felt balls while I was at at {using 2 and 3 inch foam balls}.

I also added a couple to a bowl on the coffee table downstairs with my flower balls.

So, who else decorates for Valentine’s day?  This tends to be one of those holidays that people love or hate!  For me, I just love decorating with the reds and pinks!

 {Subway Art from Eighteen 25 and my Valentine Countdown can be found here}



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    So cute! I have to be honest, I clicked on the link for your blog because I have an insane love for owls. I saw your little guys on the T&J feature and had to come over and check out your blog! I’m loving it so far!


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