Valentine’s Day Countdown: 7 Days of Love

Winter has arrived!  Over the past couple of days we have been hit with at least 30 cm of snow {which is a lot around here!}  And you know what that means….SNOW DAY!  

The plans for a BBQ were cancelled…

{Yes, I should really bring in our patio furniture!}

A “little” shoveling was needed…
And then the good ol’ Canadian boys spent the afternoon playing snow hockey.

Winter hockey.
Now this would have been a fabulous chance for me to catch up on some much needed work around the house.  BUT, it is just so much more fun to craft and I decided that we needed a couple of Valentine’s Day countdowns for the boys…

Quick and easy Valentine's Day countdown!
 I haven’t had a chance to play with my scrapbooking papers for a while now and I am loving the chance use some pink papers for a change!

Easy Valentine's Day Countdown.
I used an oversized pill box that I had purchased at the dollar store about a year ago {I knew it would come in handy!}

Valentine's Day Countdown.
I then cut down some paper {from Echo Park and My Mind’s Eye}, inked the edges and glued it on.

Easy Valentine's Day Countdown.
I wanted a little bling for the numbers, so I sprayed some adhesive spray on white foam letters and added glitter {glitter and pink paper in the same project – I am in love!}.  

Easy Valentine's Day Countdown.
Now just add treats {or notes, or Valentine’s Day activities!} and you are all done!
Easy Valentine's Day countdown.
I added the “PS… i love you” just in case!
Easy Valentine's Day Countdown.
Since we will be in Hawaii in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day this will be perfect to bring along with us!

We are due for another 15-20 cm of snow tonight so it looks like there will be another snow day tomorrow.  Work or play?


  1. says

    Jenn! Super cute :) Love the hockey picture of the boys. so awesome! We got so much snow it was insane…people stuck everywhere! Oh well, at least I don’t HAVE to go out in it tomorrow…unless…well, time will tell!

  2. says

    Not excited about the snow… We got a lot of it here in Michigan, too, but it’s starting to melt. We’ve had a very mild winter for a change, and I’m not complaining one bit!!

    I love the pill box though! These boxes are so ugly, but my dog, my husband, and I each have one for meds we have to take daily. Your idea would dress these up nicely, so it wouldn’t bother me so much to have them sitting out where everyone can see them.

  3. says

    I found your blog a while ago and have been quietly enjoying it. It was a bonus to find out that you are in British Columbia. We lived in northern BC (Hudson Hope) when I was a teenager and it is so beautiful there. I think of it very fondly.
    Your snow pictures are fantastic.

  4. says

    How stinking adorable and so simple yet cute! Isn’t it weird how all of us are saying winter’s finally arrived when typically we’d be complaining about winter hanging around by now? Funny the way that works! Have fun in Hawaii!

  5. Anonymous says

    If you wanted to alter it a bit (instead of a countdown), it has the perfect number of spaces to put the words BE (space) MINE and use it for a Valentine candy box. (or other tiny gifts – earrings, perhaps?)

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