Our Brush and Wash Station

When I was working on re-organizing our bathrooms, one of the things that I wanted to do was to get all of the kids stuff OUT of our ensuite and into the master bath. The kids are getting older and Mommy wanted her own bathroom back {and one pee-free toilet seat!}
I am sure that I have mentioned before that mornings around here can be a little chaotic.  After breakfast I am always reminding Matthew to go upstairs to brush his teeth and wash his face.  After about the 3rd reminder he does usually make his way up to brush his teeth only to come back down a few minutes later with breakfast and toothpaste all over his face.  And then he has to go back upstairs…and then he can’t find a washcloth anywhere... Seriously, this task can go on forever.
So, in an attempt to get both tasks done at ONE time, I created the Brush and Wash Station.
One cup for each little monkey with their toothbrush and own toothpaste {because, yes, they can argue over toothpaste too!} and one hook each for their face cloths.  It is mounted on the inside of one of the bathroom cupboard doors so it is nicely out of sight when they are not using it.
  • plywood sheet {mine was approximately 11 x14}
  • paint
  • mason jars {the tutorial for the DIY blue mason jars can be found here}
  • wire
  • hooks
  • vinyl or stencils for the lettering {mine was cut on the Silhouette}

    HOW TO:
    • Paint your board. 
    • Drill two holes approximately 1 inch apart for each of the jars towards the top of your board.  Using wire attach the jars {make sure the wire is under the lip on the jar} and twist the wire at the back of the board to secure.

    • Add the hooks to the bottom of the board.  {Pre-drill the holes to avoid splitting the board}

    • Add your wording to the top of the board and brush away!

    {My cute little M&M’s!}
    Hopefully this helps out with our morning routine!
    I was hoping to have a nice newly painted bathroom to show you sometime this week. BUT, I broke out the chalk paint today and found that the Old White is just too cream.  Now I have to wait until September for the pure white to come out. Total bummer! Now what else can I paint instead???
    Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

    Thrifty Decor Chick



    1. says

      I LOVE THIS!!!! I am doing this this weekend. My sons are constantly fighting in the bathroom…I can’t believe I never thought of something like this. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

    2. says

      Saw this through Craftomaniac btw. This is brilliant! I am so doing this in my bathroom! My oldest is 10. Do you think I’ve ever thought to buy my kids their own toothpaste? Genius!

    3. says

      I just love this idea! I’ve tried a variety of ways to organize this stuff for me three kiddos, but – despite having success with posting things to the inside of cabinet doors in my kitchen – I never considered doing something like this with jars in my bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

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