Chalk Paint Chest

One of the things about crafting is things never seem to go as planned! I originally purchased my Annie Sloan chalk paint to re-paint our bathroom cupboards but I didn’t like the Old White in there {it was too cream}.  So…I was in need of something else to paint. Luckily my old chest in our bedroom stepped up to the plate!

Here she is before.  There was nothing wrong with it.  Just a little too matchy matchy with all of the bedroom furniture.

I am not a patient person, so the Annie Sloan chalk paint really appealed to me since no priming or sanding is required.  The paint also dries extremely quickly so there are no long waits between coats. I painted the whole chest with my favorite color, Paris Grey.  I really love this color – it has a slight bluish tinge especially when the wax is applied.  Beautiful! The paint covers really well and has virtually no odor. I think I ended up putting the paint on a little thicker than I needed to {and with the cost of this paint you definitely don’t want to waste any!} but not bad for my first ever furniture re-do!

For the top of the chest, I used the same stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils that I used for my craft room.

Let me tell you, it is SO much easier stenciling on furniture than on the walls.  For the paint, I used about half Old White and half Paris Grey for a more subtle effect.  

I then cut out some vinyl for the est. 2001 {our wedding year} and used it as a stencil for the bottom of the chest using the same paint as I did for the top of the chest.

I waxed the entire chest and then distressed it a bit after the wax dried.  Just a little warning: you can paint again over the wax but it does change the paint color {even after I let it dry for a day}.  I had to touch up a bit of the stenciling on top and found that if I heated it with a blow dryer, the paint color reverted back to the original color {maybe the heat caused the wax to melt or something?}  Anyways, I have no idea why it worked but it got the job done!  There’s also a great little You Tube video here with a quick overview of some Annie Sloan painting techniques if you wanted a bit more detail.

Not perfect but I love it!  I am, however, having second thoughts about painting the bathroom cupboards in this paint as I am not sure how durable it will be for heavier use.  Has anyone else done their bathroom??  I would love to see what chalk paint projects you have been up to!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!



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    What a great job-love the stencil-I haven’t used the chalk paint yet but can’t wait to give it a try-I’m your newest follower-stop over for a visit!

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    Great transformation, and the stencil really adds a perfect finishing touch. I just received my first 2 quarts of chalk paint and I’m really anxious to get started on a project. I’ve painted the cabinets in 2 of my bathrooms and they’ve held up without any problems. I didn’t have chalk paint at the time, but with a few coats of matte sealer, they’ve held up for many years.

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    I love this redo – what a great pattern! I really enjoy reading your blog and checking out your projects.

    I’ve never used chalk paint before, but we are in the midst of a bathroom redo and were told to use enamel based paint. It is much easier to clean than flat paints because it can be wiped down or scrubbed with a rag and some soap and water. I just bought Behr ultra white enamel based interior paint and REALLY love the way it’s turning out. Enamel based paint is very forgiving, as well, so the brush strokes aren’t as noticable.

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    i just did this same project yesterday! i love the paint..i can’t decide what i want to put on mine so its just old white right now..whatever i decide i think i will put it on the front..i’m using it to paint my built in book cases too…not sure if i would do it in a bathroom personally, but i have seen other people do it on other blogs…you just need to seal it really good with wax…good job on your project!

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    OH MY GOSH I <3 THIS!!!!! I recently purchased a 1920s mahogany desk in sketchy condition (for only $20!!), and have been brainstorming what to do with it.. I’m loving the stencil on the top! :)

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    ohhhh how wonderful is this! I am so excited that you are having fun with your chalk paint… too bad about the old white. I kind of wish they had other shades of white as well! Thank you SO much for linking up again this week—you are the best! Anddd I am going to have to check out those stencils!

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    Nice! I just redid 2 1976 nightstands for our master bedroom redo (not posted yet, but soon I swear!!) and I love ASCP. I did them graphite, and then a mix of old white and a bit of graphite (to try to cut the cream-ish-ness)LOL, I love how they turned out.
    I love your stencilling too. Great job.

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    I love the chest. Mmmm, I have one in my room. I have done 2 doors in our new home. I have posts on my blog. In the old house, I did 1 chalkboard wall. I love my new ones so much better. I was very creative this time. I have 2 chalkboard paint projects coming up soon. I am drawing a penguin on the back of my son’s door & using chalkboard paint. I am just using chalkboard paint for my daughter’s back of her door.

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