Bathroom Storage Projects

Remember those DIY blue mason jars?  I kept three to use as flower jars {because they look oh so pretty!} and am putting the rest of them to work in the bathroom.

I found the Q-tip jar idea on Pinterest {of course!}.  I filled the mason jar with cotton pads, added a votive holder from the dollar store and filled the top up with Q-tips.  I then sanded down some copper wire that I had and added the handle to the jar for a little more detail.

A little note about the streaks on the jars:  When the jars are filled with water, they look virtually streak free.

Once they are filled with a more solid, contrasting color, the imperfections do tend to show up more {although I think they show up even more in the photos than they do in real life}. Personally I actually don’t mind the streaks.  Just use a clear mason jar for this project and save the blue ones for flowers if you are aiming for perfection!
I have seen lots of mason jar soap dispensers around blogland over the past year {like this one from Heather Bullard} For mine, I just drilled a hole in the mason jar lid and used an old soap pump.

I spray painted primer on both the lid and the pump and then spray painted them with Brown Hammered Metal from Rustoleum. {I was actually looking for Oil Rubbed Bronze Bronze but I couldn’t find it around here anywhere}.  The hammered metal actually worked out pretty well since I didn’t have to worry about any paint bubbling!

I am 100% committed to my Bath and Body Works foaming soap at every single sink in the house so I used my jar for hand lotion.
And my last little storage jar is made just for my bubble bath {because who doesn’t love a good bubble bath!}

I used a glass bottle designed for olive oil, some vinyl for the words and some etching creme {available at any craft supply store}.  All you need to do is place the letters on the bottle, tape off a rectangle around the letters {make sure the tape is pressed down flat with no bubbles!} and apply the etching creme to the inside of the rectangle.  After about 10 minutes, rinse the etching creme off and you are ready for your bath!

I’m still working on one more bathroom organization project for the kids with these mason jars and then my bathroom projects will be complete!!

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    I love Mason Jars!! I haven’t seen very many of them in colors. I recently found a tiny mason jar. I am looking forward to using it creatively.

    I use my extra olive oil jar to hold dish soap.

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    Ah-hah! I’ve seen those pump mason jars for soap all over the place but couldn’t figure out if they were purchased like that, or where one would find a pump that size. Now I know! Thanks for the tip.

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    I’m looking for something cute like this for my bathroom. I love the idea that you can make everything coordinate without being matchy-matchy! The amount of ideas I’m getting for my cricut are getting dangerous….

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    They all look great together! Dang, I just threw away an oil bottle that didn’t work very well. I wish I would have seen this soon, that’s a great idea for bubble bath.

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    I love this! Thanks for the inspiration! My bathrooms are going to be tackled in the next couple of months, so I will be coming back here for the details.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Never in a million years would I have thought to put the votive holder inside the mason jar for q-tips…genius!!! Where did you buy your soap (lotion) pump…I have been looking for a cute metal one (I don’t mind if I have to spray paint it also) for such a long time now!!! but can only find cheap plastic ones.

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    Hi Jenn!

    Loved your project and I’m featuring it on my blog. Come grab a featured button. Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!


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    This would be a style that is all your own with lighting to reflect your personality as well as the type of storage you need to make it functionally sufficient for yourself, your family and your guest.

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    Why are the soap dispensers different in the two pictures? I know one is spray painted, but they’re differently shaped, one being fat with a skinny spout and the other…not. Did I miss something?

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    You have good eyes Kristina! lol I made two of the lotion dispensers – one is up on the shelf with the cotton balls and the other one is sitting on the counter. They are made from spouts from different containers. Hope you get this message – your email is set to no reply.

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    Using glass bottles to store your shampoo, lotion and other bath essentials is a brilliant idea. This way, we can cut down on the use of plastic containers in our home. Through simple acts like this, we also help protect the environment in our own little way.

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