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Hello everyone!  Sorry I have been MIA this week.  It has been one of those weeks with a million things to do and no time to do it in!  As my “To Do” list grows, I tend to get a little overwhelmed and nothing seems to get done.  But the weekend is here and I can finally get caught up on a few things!

I am continuing on with my Organize Everything project and will be tackling the kitchen over the next couple of weeks.  When we moved into this house nine years ago, I remember thinking that there would be no way that I would ever be able to fill up all of our kitchen cabinets.  Well, let me tell you, I have FAR exceeded my expectations!

Since there is so much organizing to do in the kitchen, I will be breaking down the tasks into smaller jobs that I can actually finish in an hour or two.  First up on the list is my medicine cabinet.  This is the worst cabinet in the kitchen and I am very lucky if I can actually take something down from it without at least 10 other items coming down with it!

Sorry, I didn’t get any BEFORE pictures of my lovely cabinet.  I actually wasn’t planning to clean it out when I did, but after a ton of bottles came tumbling down on me, I figured I better get to it.  So here we go!

  • Empty out everything from the cabinet.  {Sadly, this isn’t even all of it.}
  • Go through everything and discard any unused, expired or out-dated medication.  {Yes, this bottle is actually dated 10/99!}
  • I emptied all of the discard pills into a ziploc baggy along with the liquid medicine to take back to our pharmacy.  Most of the empty bottles were recyclable.  
Although, our pharmacy takes back any unused medication, they are not required to do so and some will only take back prescription medication purchased from their pharmacy.  If you need to dispose of medications yourselves, DO NOT JUST FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET!  The FDA does advise that some drugs can be flushed {find the list here} but the majority of them should be disposed of by other means.  I’m not an expert in this department {and I’m sure guidelines vary depending on where you live} but here are a couple of ideas that I have come across:   
  • Many municipal or local trash services have household waste facilities where you can safely drop off your medications for incineration. 
  • If you need to deposit over the counter medication in the trash, crush solid medications or dissolve them in water.  Then combine them with kitty litter or coffee grounds and place them in a sealed bag before adding them to your trash.  
Now comes the fun part – organizing everything that is left!  Our storage cabinet is a tiny, pie shaped, corner cabinet that is pretty much useless for storing much of anything.  
{the one on the right is where the medication goes}
I am a huge fan of using bins to organize but it was difficult finding something that would fit in this space.  I ended up using these bathroom caddies {purchased from Kohls}and just removed the suction cups.
I divided the medication up into categories for each shelf and added a little label.  
The baskets can now easily be removed to find what we are looking for without knocking down everything else in the process!
As a side note, when picking a place to store your medication, here are a couple of guidelines to follow:
  • Make sure that all medications are stored away from children and pets and kept in their original, tamper-proof container.  You can actually purchase lock boxes {like the one here} if you do not have somewhere to store your medications out of harms way.  
  • Medications need to be stored in a dry, cool place that is away from moisture.  This keeps them from breaking down and becoming less effective.  This obviously rules out the bathroom!  If you store your medication in the kitchen like I do, make sure it is away from the stove and other heat producing appliances.
Okay, one project done and about 5 more to go!  Has anyone else been working on organizing their kitchen lately?  I would love to see what you have done or have you join along with me as I organize mine.  Under the kitchen sink is up next!

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    Well, we bought a new fridge last night so I will be organizing that when it arrives! Does that count Jenn? heehee!! Can we get together soon for coffee/tea and crafts? Miss ya!

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    What great tips. I’ve been thinking that I need to get back on track for getting my house organized. I like that you break things down into smaller projects. I think you have inspired me. Now I just need to figure out where I need to start. I think maybe with my files. Thanks for the great ideas. :)

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    I think we were separated at birth because I LOVE ORGANIZING! Your blog is awesome and I’m your newest follower. Thanks for the great tips.

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    Hi, I ran across your blog from The Shabby Chic Cottage. The sheriff’s department in our town recently had an old prescription “turn in” day. I got rid of a ton of my in-law’s old meds. (and a few expired over-the-counter bottles, too.) I told them I was so excited to be able to get rid of them, and they told me that we could turn them in during regular business hours any day. So that might be something for others to check out where they live, as well. Thanks for your post!

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    I am new to your blog and I am LOVING it. I strive to be more organized and I am drooling over all of your organizational posts.

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