Yarn Wreath

This was one of those projects that I was planning on doing for my fall decor.  But, time goes too fast and I had to turn it into a Christmas project.  You really can’t get much easier than these and I think they look so cute!
  • straw wreath form (leave the wrapping on!)
  • yarn (I used 4 colours of varying textures)
  • wooden letter
  • Modge podge
  • scrapbook paper
  • black paint
  • pine branches and pine cone
  • To make the basic wreath, start wrapping your yarn around the wreath.  I didn’t even bother to anchor it down and it seems to hold up fine.  When you want to change colours, simply cut the yarn you are working with and tie the end to the new colour and keep wrapping.  I kept my knots to the backside of the wreath but they tuck in quite nicely and you really can’t even see them.  If you are planning on doing some sort of pattern with your colours, roughly outline where you want the colours to be before you start.
  • Now comes the fun part!  There are lots of ways to dress up the basic wreath.  I wanted to use our initial and had this wooden letter laying around that I bought months ago.  I painted it black, traced the outline onto some scrapbook paper and modge podged it on.  The letter just kind of wedged into the middle of the wreath.  Once the letter was on it still looked at little plain.  Let’s add a pom pom!
  • For the pom pom, figure out how large you would like.  Cut a square from firm cardstock or find an object that is the size of the diameter you would like your pom pom to be.  (I just used one of our coasters)  Next wrap the yarn around the coaster over and over again – mine was 90 times. Snip the end.
  • Carefully slide the yarn out from the coaster and tie another piece of yarn around the middle.  It should look like this.
  • Stick your scissors in the loops and cut them.
  • Now just trim down any uneven ends and fluff it up!
To attach the pom pom and pine branches to the pom pom, I just took another piece of yarn, tied it around all the pieces and then wrapped it around the wreath form.  Finish with a knot and you are done!
My wreath is looking a little lonely up on that shelf.  Don’t worry – I have a few more projects on the way to keep her company!
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I hope you all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night!  Have a great week!


  1. says

    Hey Jen, love the crafting ideas! The yarn wreath looks great! i’d love to be entered into the free Scnetsy draw!!!! Looking forward to my party!
    Lisa Brandsma

  2. says

    I have been wanting to make a yarn wreath and just can’t get around to it. Thanks for the reminder! Yours looks great! I am a new follower!

  3. says

    What a great idea, this would never have occurred to me! I am going wreath crazy at the moment, on overload with so many different ideas. Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Ok, so I admit I laughed when you were doing a yarn wreath in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, but it was worth it! I love it. So very cozy and fun. Hey – are you going to do that growth chart with me? From Jen.

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