Microfiber Magic

Oh, how I love my microfiber cloths! The Norwex antibac enviro cloth is definitely the most used cleaning product in my house. It pretty much cleans EVERYTHING and has replaced almost all of my chemical cleaners as it just needs water!

Here is what I have learned about microfiber:

1. Microfiber picks up dirt, grime and all of those other miscellaneous grungies better than anything else I have used due to the construction of the fiber. The Norwex microfibers are 1/100th the size of a strand of hair which obviously creates a huge surface area for collecting debris. When the cloths are used dry, these fibers produce an electrostatic charge which attracts and holds dust particles like a magnet. When wet, the fibers use a capillary vacuum force which pulls and traps the dirt, bacteria, moisture, and grease from the surface into the fibers leaving the surface residue free and squeaky clean! The traditional method of cleaning with chemicals and cotton cloths breaks down dirt and grime and spreads it evenly over the surface rather than actually removing it and the cloths can actually transport the germs to the next surface you are trying to clean. It may look clean but we all know appearances are not always what they seem!

2. Microfiber picks up 99.9% of bacteria from any surface you are cleaning…using only water! One of the things I was not aware of with the traditional chemical cleaners, is that in order to have the antibacterial effect the product needed to be left wet for up to 10 minutes or scrubbed vigorously for at least 30 seconds. I guess I should read the fine print a bit better as this is definitely not something that I did!

3. One of the unique properties of the Norwex microfiber cloths is the antibacterial silver agent that is embedded into the fibers. Silver has long been recognized for its antibacterial properties. The saying`born with a sliver spoon in the mouth`actually stemmed from the plagues in Europe when wealthy families ate from silver plates and utensils because they knew an infection could not survive on silver. The Norwex antibac microfiber not only picks up dirt and grime without releasing it onto other surfaces but also basically sanitizes itself! After 24 hours, 99.99% of the bacteria was destroyed which means cleaner cloths, less frequent laundering, and a reduction in cross-contamination.

Well, there is my little lesson on microfiber. Not the most exciting topic, I know, but hopefully it was interesting! Happy cleaning!



    • Maria lally says

      Go on QVC.COM and search for Don Aslett’ s products. They have 27 microfiber cloths for $27.
      I use them all the time and LOVE THEM!!!
      They also have lots of green products

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