Valentine’s Day Popcorn Pops

These Valentine's Day popcorn pops make a fun Valentine's treat! Free printables included. //

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and, honestly, I could use a little love after our dreary January!   If you are looking for a fun and easy Valentine's Day treat, make up a batch of these Valentine's Day popcorn pops.  Shape them into whatever design you would like, and then just add a stick.  {We all know that everything is better when ... [ Read More ]

Pegboard Organization

Pretty and functional ideas on how to get organized with pegboard! //

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to get things organized, look no further than pegboard. This versatile storage tool can be used in garages, closets, craft rooms, kitchens - pretty much anywhere that you can think of!  All you need is a board, some hooks to hang your supplies, and you are ready to go. Pegboard is also an easy ... [ Read More ]

How to Declutter: To Sell or Not to Sell

Great tips for determining when to try and sell your stuff and when to just get rid of it! //

Hey guys!  I know things have been a little quieter here on the blog lately but I have been working really hard behind the scenes on my 31 Day Detox Diet as well as a major decluttering of our basement and Connor's room {which we are currently re-doing}. I would guess that in the past three weeks, our house has probably lost a good 300-400 lbs. ... [ Read More ]

Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Love Hearts


My boys LOVE their ice cream so I knew that these ice cream love hearts would be a big hit.  Use your favorite ice cream and add your own custom notes for the perfect Valentine's day treat! Print Valentine's Day Ice Cream Love Hearts Recipe type: Dessert Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  4 hours Total time:  4 ... [ Read More ]

The Easiest Way to Put on a Duvet Cover

The easiest way to put on a duvet cover. //

I love my duvet and would never go back to a plain ol' comforter again, but putting on those duvet covers has always driven me crazy!  In the past, I accomplished this feat by stuffing the ends of the duvet into the cover as far as I could and then standing up on my bed trying to shake it all out.  It was definitely a work out in itself {and, yes, ... [ Read More ]

Valentine’s Day Chalkboard and Photo Banner

Cute Valentine's Day Chalkboard with Photo Bunting. //

Between all of the organizing, a couple of house projects that we have been working on, and trying to get down all of our Christmas decorations, I was in need of a little creative break over the weekend.  So even though I still have a few Christmas items up, I decided to erase the Christmas chalkboard and get going on a Valentines Day ... [ Read More ]

How to Declutter: Conquering Decluttering Paralysis

Great post on how to overcome your obstacles to achieving a decluttered and organized home. //

Ahhh....January.  The time to start fresh, clear out the old, and get things organized.  Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? While many people have the desire to get things decluttered and organized in their homes, it is not always such an easy thing to accomplish.  Decluttering can often be a very time consuming, overwhelming, and emotionally ... [ Read More ]

The Household Organization Diet 31 Day Detox 2015

The Household Organization Diet is back!! Follow this year long plan to put your home on a diet and get things organized once and for all! //

So who is ready to make 2015 the most organized year ever? The Household Organization Diet is back again for 2015!!  Whether you need to organize a little or a lot, this is the plan for you!   If you are not familiar with The Household Organization Diet, it is best to start with this post HERE, but the basic plan is to thoroughly clean and ... [ Read More ]

The Best Cleaning and Organization Ideas of 2014

Tons of cleaning and organization projects for every room in your home! //

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a magical Christmas with your family and friends!  The boys were so much fun this year and we had a wonderful season enjoying all of our Christmas activities and traditions.  As always, I am a little sad when it is all over, but ready to get things cleaned and organized again for a fresh start in the new ... [ Read More ]